Our Deities: Ganesha/Vinayaka

Ganah in Sanskrit means ‘multitude.’ Isa means ‘Lord’. Ganesha literally means the Lord of all beings. He is the lord who helps to attain success in any endeavor. The son of Shiva and Parvati, He is called by many names like Ganapati, Gajanan, and Vighneshvara.

In one hand He has modak, His favorite sweet representing happiness, in second hand a goad (ankush) which is used to propel mankind forward on the eternal path, in third hand a noose (pash) which is a gentle implement to capture all difficulties, and in fourth hand a broken tusk that Ganesha holds like a pen. The trunk which springs from the head represents the intellect, the faculty of discrimination. Ganesha’s large belly is meant to convey that a man of perfection can consume and digest whatever experiences he undergoes. At the feet of the Lord is spread an abundance of food that represents material wealth, power, and prosperity. Besides the food is a tiny mouse. The mouse does not touch the food but waits for the master’s sanction as it were for consuming it. The mouse represents desire.

Ganapati Abhishekam is performed every Sunday morning in the temple. Ganesh Chaturthi, Lord’s birthday, is celebrated every year with all the rituals and devotion.