Jain deities (Pratimas) in our temple

Shri Rishabdev Swami
First Teerthankar of the current era. (In the center, aka Mul Nnayak, Shwetambar style)

Shri Rishabdev Swami was the first teerthankar who opened the path to salvation (Mokshamarg). Twenty-three teerthankars that followed him imparted the same core message and showed the same path in tune with the prevailing times and circumstances during their lives. In each time cycle, there can be only twenty-four teerthankars.

Jainism is said to be the codification of eternal universal truths. Over time, these truths lapse amongst humanity and then reappear through the teachings of Omniscient Teachers called Tirthankaras. Jains do not believe in a Creator God; they define ‘God’ to mean omniscient beings who have shed their karmic bondages and are free from the cycle of birth and re-birth. Jains bow down to the Tirthankaras, a subset of Gods, for showing them the true path to enlightenment and aspire to be like them. Jains believe that all living beings are thus capable of achieving ‘Godhood’.

Shri Mahavir Swami
Twenty-fourth (last) Teerthankar of the current era – (on the left of Shri Rishabdev Swami, Digambar style)
One can find the solution of many of the to-day’s problems in the doctrine of Anekantwad proposed by Bhagwan Mahavir. He has asked every one to live one’s life following these five core principles.

  • Ahimsa or Non-violence (No killing or hurting any life by thought, speech or action)
  • Satya or Truthfulness (Speak the truth that is pleasant (Madhur) and beneficial (Hitkari) to others)
  • Asteya or Non-stealing (Do not take/use things that do not belong to you)
  • Brahmacharya or Celibacy (Win over worldly and sensual pleasures) and
  • Aparigraha or Non-possessiveness (Possess only what you need. Differentiate needs from wants).


Follow the principles with Rational Knowledge (Samyag Gnana), Rational Perception/Faith (Samyag Darshan), and Rational Conduct (Samyag Charitrya) that reflect a true understanding of the teachings of Bhagwan Mahavir.

Shri ParshwaNath
Twenty-third Teerthankar of the current era – (on the right of Shri Rishabdev Swami, Digambar style)

(In the Left Sanctum)
Shri Padmavati Mata
Sashan Devi for Shri Parshwanath

Shri Dharanendra Dev
Sashan Dev for Shri Parshwanath

(In the Right Sanctum)
Shri Bahubali Swami
He is son of Shri Rishabdev Swami. Shri Gomateshwar in Shravan-Belgoda, Karnataka. Standing)
Shri Gautam Swami
He is first and chief Disciple of Shri Mahavir Swami. He is shown in sitting position.